To answer the many question about the guitars and amps I use, just a short note.


  • D’Angelico Excel EXL-1 (a sunburst or a blond, depending on how I feel )
  • PRS hollowbody custom II piezo
  • Ibanez Benson (sometimes)
  • Whatever steelstring I happen to have with me


  • Brunetti Singleman 15 (Whenever I have some helping hands to lift it)
  • Henriksen The bud 10 (used to have a jazzamp 12, switched because of weight)
  • DV Mark Little Jazz (even easier to carry than the Henriksen, but has no tweeter, so just for that dark smokey sound))


Depending on the guitar; for the hollowbodies usually D’Angelico elctrozinc Jazz electrozinc’s 0.12, or (on the Benson) D’Addario ECG25’s

Pedals & Stuff

Hardly ever, sometimes (occasionaly) a delay (Boss), sometimes a looper pedal or some kind of mp3 player for backing tracks (my Phone that is). Often I dual amp my guitars with a coolswitch pro. Almost never use another pedal.

So that’s it, all of the gear I use. I prefer it when everything fits into one gigbag. Small, easy to transport and with a killer sound. I mostly travel with one guitar and one amp. Easy and fast.

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