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Study music with Sten.  Learn all about playing the guitar or about the wonderful world of harmony, counterpoint, creating music and the all-round composer skills. The lessons are available onContinue readingTeaching


Need to organize a workshop or seminar?  Sten does workshops for guitarist and musical theory (composition, improvisation, creating melodies etc…) Workshops can take any amount of time you like (hoursContinue readingWorkshops

Get a soundtrack

A soundtrack for your project? Get something new and fresh. Just the sheet music or a real soundtrack, recorded and mastered by Sten’s DPSO (Digital Performance Symphony Orchestra). Soundtracks areContinue readingGet a soundtrack

Book a concert

Book Sten for an exciting concert.  Each concert is unique event with a mix of jazz, flamenco, classical en world music.  Sten performs alone, with some electronic aids (loopers, drumContinue readingBook a concert

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