It was almost Thirty years ago, when I last played in public. I started playing guitar at the age of four and started performing at the age of six. I studied classical guitar and started to play jazz at fifteen. When I was twenty years old (more or less), for some reason, playing the guitar at the level I wanted to, took more time then I had. So, I stopped performing. It just wasn’t that much fun, if I couldn’t really do what I wanted to do.

Playing, when you know you could do better if you had more time to practice, is frustrating. Very frustrating. The needs of the moment forced me to start a different career and the guitar, my inseparable friend for so many years, became an occasional acquaintance.

Little over a year ago, I was asked to play for a benefit. I agreed and started practicing again. Yes, it took a while before it sounded good again. But a few months later, I played for about half an hour and the reactions where astonishing.

Main thing, I was infected again. Since that day, over a year ago, I play al least 3 hours a day. So, now I’m almost fifty years old. Perhaps it’s a midlife crisis, but anyway, I’m playing again. I’ve had a successful career as a manager, coach and consultant (and I will go on doing that). But what’s stopping me to pursue that other great passion in my life? Right, nothing.

So here it is. I’ve decided to go on playing music. Alone, for now. Just me, my guitar and a few technical extra’s. The first album will be named No Fuzz. On this page you can follow the progress of the project. Any suggestions, questions or whatever is welcome. Feel free to use the contact form for al your messages and feedback.

In the sidebar of this you’ll find links to music, idea’s, live recordings and much more. If you have ideas or feedback, don’t keep them to yourself. Share them! I’m looking forward to hear from you!