Playing alone on stage and trying to offer the sound of a full band has long been the wet dream of many artists. Today, electronics allow us to do just that. So, instead of presenting a band, I would like to present the basic tools I use on stage.


The guitars I use on stage are usually the following;
Yamaha NCX, a great guitar to use on stage. Low volume when played without an amp, but great to amplify.
Camps Flamenco with Fishman Problend. Gives a wonderful rich and full flamenco sound, even when amplified. I love it and use it mainly for solo pieces.
Ibanez PM. The Pat Metheny choice for an electric guitar. Who am I to disagree with the master. Great sound and rich harmonic. What else could I be looking for.
Ibanez GB-200. The famous George Benson guitars The GB 200 is an L-5 like guitar, but the finishing is as exceptional as the sound. My main electric ax (replacing the GB 12th anniversary I used for years).
Godin. The Godin 5th Avenue Jazz is a great guitar for solo fingerpicking and much more. I love the sound and playability of this guitar.


Fishman Loudbox Artist. One of the few amps that really delivers a great acoustic sound. I connect it to an Kustom bi-amped active speaker to improve the bases. Works like clockwork!
Roland Cube. Small but great in sound. I use it, along with a vox to amplify the PM, Godin and Benson guitar
Vox Lil’ Nighttrain, downsized tube amp that delivers great warm and dynamic jazz sounds


RC3 loopstation. Simple, easy to use and a trusted compagnion. E great tool to make one man sound like a band.
Boss OC-3 a simple octave, I use it to play bass lines
Boss ME-70, i use it from time to time with the PM en GB
Dr-880 drum and base computer, used for any kind of drums I want to add to the sound

Additional stuff

Behringen PMP980S & JBL speakers. I use it as a PA system for smaller venues.