Speak Guitar

The online (and live) seminars I’ve baptized Speak Guitar will start-up again by end of October 2021.  I’ll keep you informed on this page about the possibilities and availability.

Currently planned online seminars and lessons

Speak Guitar: guitar lessons

A basic course to learn to play jazz guitar.  Great to recap the basics if you already play the guitar.  Ideal to start learning to play if you’re serious about it.

Every session will offer you 3 parts

  • Some info and knowledge about your instrument
  • Some theory so you understand the what how and why of music (let’s say the syntax and grammar of the language we call music)
  • And the most important part, playing the guitar and how to practice it.  We’ll easy in by some easy exercises and move on to more

If you’re new to the guitar, you can choose to follow these speak guitar online seminars at your own pace.  If you already a guitar player, you can move faster and spend some extra time on these parts you want to explore further.

There will be 3 levels (and I advise all to take the base course to, so you’re on board with all the theory.  The basic session lever has 6 sessions.  The advanced sessions of Speak Guitar have 4 sessions and focusses on improvisation, chord substitutions and all that mysterious stuff that’s actually no so hard to learn.  The expert series offers 3 online seminars on specific topics.

The basic sessions will be online by end of October.  The advanced sessions by December and the expert sessions will be recorded early January 2022. In a few weeks all links en sign-up possibilities will be available on the speak guitar page.

Online Seminars

The list will be available soon, along with the links to our courxse platform where you can sign up.

If you have any suggestions about topics, feel free to let me know via this form.

Speak Guitar
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