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There was a time when artists (sculpters, painters, composers…) survived by the grace of a Patron. That mecenas allowed them to focus completely on their art. The result was a stunnig and rich histroy with names as Bach, Mozart, Beethaven, Da Vinci, Rafaello, and many, many more.

Today an artist has to survive in a commercial environment. That means he or she has to sell to survive. Logical as this seems, it’s also a hinderence. It takes hours each day to fullfil all kinds of obligations (like running social media, a website and so on) and pushes each artist not towards the creation of beauty, but towards the creation of an income.

The only alternative is having a side job or making exclusively commercial work. And believe me, that’s not all that gratifying or even possible/

Check uit my Patrons site. It’s thanks to them (and maby you?) that I can survive and more.

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