Paco de Lucia at Montreux Jazz Festival

It seems that the last post about Paco De Lucia as raised some eyebrows.  For many people, it seems, he’s a big unknown, at least if I can believe my email.  So, here’s some more, Paco De Lucia at Montreux Jazz Festival in 2012.  You can listen to te master with his own band at the height of his abilities.

Some people have asked what exactly and where precisely they can find te combination between jazz and flamenco.  This recording will make tat explicitly clear.  The rhythms are flamenco beats, but te harmony and orchestration are jazz.

Even if you don’t like the singing (it’s an acquired taste), the music is well worth the time to listen to Paco De Lucia at Montreux Jazz Festival.

More jazz fusion of Paco De Lucia? take a look at his work with (amongst others) Al Di Meola. Together with John Mclaughlin, they recorded 3 great albums (Friday Night in Sanfrancisco, Passion Grace and Fire and The Guitar Trio). E albums well worth listening to!

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