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Browsing on YouTube I just stumbled on Joe Pass and Elle Fitzgerald duets in Hanover.  This legendary duo (and for guitar players the greatest jazz guitarist ever) it’s a must see (and hear).

Yes, you can discus the qualities of a guitar player endlessly.  And usually it’s a debate about your own preferences.  But Joe was the innovative, technical accomplished and the most melodic icon ever to play a guitar.

Even if you don’t like the sound or music he plays, it’s worth checking out.  Joe improvised just about anything he played on the spot.  Re-harmonizing and using his own system (if you’re interested, I’ve done a seminar on that, and we’ll arrange an online seminar of Joe’s insights somewhere November/December 2021).  Joe pass was without any doubt at a lonely height.

What made Joe Pass the greatest?

Joe practiced 6 hours a day, every day.  Whatever song he played, he always seemed to have some extra melodic idea at hand.  He always found the special chord sequence to make even the simplest progression interesting.  He never cared about who he played with, he listened, adapted and made every performance unique.

If you’re not a jazz aficionado, chances are you’ve never heard of Joe.  Well, here’s your chance to get to know him.  Those who know joe and had the chance to see him perform live, they all have great memories of Joe’s genius.

This is a recording with Ella Fitzgerald, the great lady of jazz.  You’ll get some sole play from Joe and the duets later on.  All well know standards and popular songs at that time (and still in jazz).  Just sit back and enjoy Joe Pass and Elle Fitzgerald live in Hanover.

If you’re interested in the online seminars, juts visit this page to find out more.

(If the video player doesnt work in your browser, use this link to watch the video on YouTube

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