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Welcome to the home page of Sten Stinus. Follow all about album releases, read the blog and discover guitar music you may not know yet. Check out Sten’s YouTube series ‘Speak Guitar‘ and find the downloads that belong to it.

Latest Release by Sten Stinus

Scraps & Leftovers Cover design
Scraps & Leftovers

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Available now on all major platforms the latest album of Sten Stinus; Scraps & Leftovers

A free-Jazz/fusion album. Get a first ear from these samples below

Time Weeps like a Wollow

Full album (8 tracks) available on all major platforms

Discover all songs here

Most popular Sten Stinus tracks last week


Leftovers (Sten Stinus & Sd² )

Classical music

Adagio from Cornerstones

Music is something to enjoy, not something to judge. So if you like the music I have to offer, feel free to follow me on your preferred platform like iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud, Amazon music or any other major platform you like.

A Coltrane special; Impressions

John Coltrane’s Impressions

Blue Heart, the album & the concerts

Sten Stinus  Blue Heart

Covid delayed a lot of things, including the Blue Heart project. But even the worst of times have to end someday. Blue Heart will start up again, the album release is planned for the end of October, concerts can be booked again

Over the next few weeks, we’ll release the first video’s and soundbites for Blue Heart

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